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Word From Pastor

FBCI webside ih ra lengtu zaten Khrih hmin in lungawi soparten kan lo hmuak a si.

Kan wesite le kan Kawhhran cu mizapi hrangah sangka on ringring a si ti kan lo theihter duh a si.

Hi Kawhhran cu thinlung, taksa, Thlarau timi (Holistic mission) rundamnak hrangah Pathian riantu Kawhhran a si. Duhdawtnak thawn milai tuamhlawmih rundamnak thutak le nun dan thianghlim neih theinak ding hrangah zirh awknak hmunpi a si.

Zalen zetih Pathian thangthat nak hmun  a si fawn.

Thlarau lam ih thinphangih daihnak duhtu pawl, ninghang lungsia tuarih hnem tong duhtu pawl, harsa le thinlung beidongih nehnak co duhtu pawl, sualnak ihsin rundam ngah duhtu pawl, cohlantu neilo ih duhdawtnak hawltu pawl ra uh hi hmunah Jesuh nan tong ding a si.

Hi hmunah mino pawl thuthangtha nuam dupdo ih khawmnak le Sunday school zirhnak thabik khal nan tong ding a si. Cuitlun ah mino camp, nauhak camp, VBS le camping pawl khal kan nei ringring a si. Cuihleiah hmun tinih Pathian mihman pawl sawm in thuthangtha sim phuannak khal neih ringring a si. Jesuh neitu a sir aw an um loih FBCI umtu khal an sir aw dah kel lo.


Pathian in lo thlawsuah hram seh.


Rev. Dr. Ci Lian Kap

Senior Pastor



Pastor Ci Kap's Family

We welcome all the FBCI website visitors in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We encourage you to visit our website very often and also to join our worship services. This Church believes in God’s salvation of mind, body and soul. We care about others with the love of Christ and we teach the Truth, the Word of God so that people will love the Lord. It is also a place that we worship and praise the Lord freely.

For those who are in need of prayers, lonely, away from your family, hopeless, need forgiveness, want to meet with Jesus, please come and join us. We will pray with you.

The Youth ministry has a great program and you will enjoy meeting our youth members. You will also have an opportunity to have your young children to attend the Children ministry activities. Addition to the regular activities, your young ones will enjoy the youth and children camps and the VBS in the summer.  Those who know Jesus never regret and we hope to see you often here at Falam Baptist Church of Indiana.

May God bless you.


Rev. Dr. Ci Lian Kap

Senior Pastor

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